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Do you need help with an unhappy relationship?

Updated: May 30

It's so easy to find yourself stuck with someone who is not making you happy at any age, but it can be so hard in your midlife years. Even though this person is leaving you feeling misunderstood, unfulfilled or even unloved, they represent "security". You may ask yourself questions like "who else will want me at my age?" or "will I be lonely?" or "will my family judge me?" - if you think about ending the relationship and moving on. You may have fears about how your SO will cope without you. What the kids will think. Whether you have the finances to support you. Women are often dependent on their husbands during the years when the children are very young, so consequently may lack confidence as well as money. It does NOT have to be this way. Hypnotherapy is not about finding a way to put up with this, it's about finding YOU. It's about considering your priorities and where YOU fit in. You have many years of life left, don't spend them with the wrong person. Do you need help with an unhappy relationship? Get in touch for a chat.

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