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My testimonials:

My clients all have different stories to share

Sex has long been an issue in my marriage. The inconsistency, the way I reacted to my husband's needs thinking that that is all he ever thinks about. But the truth is my own husband craved the closeness and bond that intimacy brings into a relationship. I had confused feelings about my sex life, feelings of being like a posession instead of a person who has needs. A part of me was frustrated with how I was not responding to my own natural desires and needs, as well as my husband. I thought it was about time I got help with it, as I had tried doing my 'own therapy' to no avail or real consistent results; the moments were fleeting when I did this.
I was looking for a 'real connection' with my husband where I felt like I was sharing myself fully and not because I just 'had to'.
I was very surprised by the content that came up in my session, but I also know that our subconscious mind has its own way of protecting us.
It's early days after having my session only a week ago, but already I've approached my husband and I enjoy kissing him now, where before I did not. I know I will continue to move forward with building on myself and how I show up for me and my husband and it feels darn good.
Sandra was so attentive, compassionate, highly professional and when I became emotional I never felt embarrassed because I felt safe and secure talking to her. She's an incredible therapist, whom I would highly recommend.
Thank you Sandra x


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