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"I have to say, that was the most AMAZING session I have ever had hands down!  I have never ever released like that, so thank you for giving me that opportunity and support to really work through these things. Strangely as we both know, I had an upset stomach, nausea the following day, I was feeling strange, a little off balanced, yet embraced it all. I knew these were the changes I was looking for. I tested myself with the beeping of the horn, loud sharp noises etc... so far, SO GOOD! I did beep my horn today to lock to see if I would be okay and I even held my body tightly and the impact was more than 95% gone! I know it might take a little time for the next 5% to leave as I still continue on allowing the process to happen, but how quick was that! A 5 year problem solved in a matter of hours and days! My hearing has been much more clearer, there has been no pressure or pains in my ears, it's almost as if it just lifted into thin air. I truly am grateful for your time, dedication and patience during the session, I had no idea it was going to go where it went. I am so happy that I can be present with the joy of noise vibrating positively through my ears and I'm opening up more day by day in a better way.  Thankyou Sandra!"


Amazing! I saw Sandra as I was really struggling to cope with my experiences with miso which often, when the trigger was intense, left we with feelings of rage and then the subsequent guilt over losing my temper. Sandra shed some light on what was going on and helped me uncover what resources I never realised I had. Despite trying to do this by myself, and wanting to move forward in a positive way, nothing helped. Sandra assisted me to overcome the intense adverse emotions and guilt and helped me resolve this so quickly. I’m now more able to cope with the annoying sounds! I can’t thank her enough and so grateful. Strangely a surprising bonus effect is that I’ve started a new relationship! I’d highly recommend her to anyone wishing to finally overcome their Misophonia. Thanks Sandra!"


"Before I had hypnotherapy I was feeling very anxious and had low self-esteem. I had just been promoted but I had no confidence in my ability to do my job and felt overwhelmed. I was also lacking confidence in areas of my personal life. I was sleeping very badly and finding it hard to relax and enjoy myself. To begin with, the sessions with Sandra helped me to relax and to realise that I could cope. Over time my sleep quality improved and I have been able to grow in confidence and plan for the future, not just get by on a day-to-day basis. I have begun to give myself credit for what I have achieved and I feel more confident in setting boundaries at work. I can now think rationally and I have learnt how to cope with stress and how to relax. My husband and mother have noticed the difference in me and I would recommend hypnotherapy to others. Sandra is kind and supportive, she is positive and helped me to understand that it was not my fault that I felt the way I did but that I have the ability to control these feelings and improve my situation. As Sandra focuses on solutions, she is able to help you to move on from the problem. I would definitely recommend Sandra as a hypnotherapist."



Christina had failed two attempts to pass her driving test.  She knew she had the skills to pass her test but her anxiety just kept getting in the way, telling her she would fail and there was no point in even trying again.   She contacted me in desperation, with the test only one week away.  After just  two powerful sessions, this is what she had to say:

"Sandra is amazing!  Sandra is very professional, knowledgeable, caring and supportive.  This was my experience with hypnotherapy and I've fallen in love with it!  I contacted Sandra because I was struggling with driving test nerves, I had 2 failed tests due to nerves, leg shaking, brain fog, and palm sweating.  Sandra helped me reframe how the test would go, helped me stay positive, to calm the nerves.  After only a few sessions, I was feeling calmer leading up to the driving test and I passed my third test with no minors which is great!  What's even more surprising to me is that I felt calm during the test, my leg didn't shake and I was focused and confident.  Thank you Sandra!"



"Hi , my name is james and I've had depression and anxiety for over 20 years.  I was able to cope with it most of the time but my dad passed away 6 years ago which broke me.  I lost my job because I couldn't control myself.  I got into trouble with the police because of  fighting and road rage.  Every day was a struggle to get up and function.  Some days I just didn't bother.  I decided to seek help and went to talking therapy and after three months of waiting, I had counselling which went on for 2.5 years but with not much progress so I  stopped.  A year later, I'm looking for alternative therapy and came across Sandra on Facebook, so I messaged her and made an appointment. 


I went to the appointment and met Sandra.  I was very nervous, my anxiety was very high, but within minutes she made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  I didn't know what to expect from it but Sandra explained how it worked, and how it helps depression and anxiety.  I had my first session and by the time I got home, I felt like a new person.   I had no tension, my head was clear, I was so relaxed that I had the best night's sleep I've had for years!   The next day was even better, I had motivation, energy and felt so relaxed.  I have had 9 sessions with Sandra now, and my life has turned round.  I am currently looking to get back to work, and set up an engineering company, I'm back at the gym 3 times per week, I go out and see friends without any worries.  I do still have a bit of depression but with the things I learnt from Sandra, I can control it and it doesn't have to take over my life anymore.   I would like to thank Sandra for her amazing work and for helping me"


I can't recommend Sandra enough !    I have benefitted from various talking and body therapies for the effects of trauma.    All have been helpful and are part pf my journey but there was a missing piece to unlocking the desire / need that I still felt so sharply to self-harm / destruct  ( I certainly wasn't keen to self care without a secret need to self harm in private !)

Sandra's gentle, patient and supportive style helped me to understand why my choices and just at the right pace for me she allowed me to see a new path !

 I am so grateful to her, I was 55 years in a soupy fog of self destruct, knowing that that was not a place to live - but not knowing how to change that !

We are now doing top up sessions as I need them which is so helpful as I walk my new path - not always easy, but  now knowing that I do have choices.   I went to Sandra asking for my brain to be "bashed" into letting go of my self harming habits - this is  just amazing for me after so many years trying to find the last piece of the puzzle.


What was the problem I had? I am peri menopausal and despite starting HRT patches, I was still feeling anxious and not sleeping on a night time.


How was I feeling before I had hypnotherapy? I had a feeling of dread whenever anything was happening - from basic daily life such as going shopping to attending parties or even just going out with friends. I was ok when i got out but the anxiety I felt before hand was sometimes so bad that I would cancel at last minute.  Always had trouble not sleeping for some years.


Did Sandra explain the process and answer my questions? Yes Sandra gave a full explanation of how she worked and also explained about the thought process and how the brain works. It was a detailed but simple explanation which made lots of sense without being overcomplicated.


What was the experience of hypnotherapy like?   

This was my first experience of hypnotherapy and i found it most enjoyable and relaxing. I had 4 sessions and came away feeling empowered and able to tackle those feelings of dread! After my very first session Sandra sent a recording for me to listen to at bedtime, which i still listen to now. After 2 or 3 nights listening, i was starting to fall asleep very quickly - which was amazing as i generally would lay in bed for 2 or 3 hours before dropping off.

At the start of each session Sandra would ask how life had been and if i had been given any tasks as homework i would fill her in on how i found it and what had or hadn't worked that week. We would then end with Sandra taking me into a relaxing hypno session - I'm sure I even drifted off at one stage but she always counted you round & I would wake up feeling calm and refreshed.


How did you feel AFTER having hypnotherapy? I looked forward to the lessons each week, as a busy mum of 3 it can be hard to find time to relax so it was great to have even an hour to talk about myself and have someone be there to listen to me and understand.


What impact has it made on your life? I still listen to the recording at bedtime,  which Sandra sent me of her hypnotherapy session and I'm still managing to go to sleep straightaway. One month later & during a particular tough time at work, the anxiety feeling has not come back and feel I can cope with whatever life throws at me!


Would you recommend Sandra?


I would definitely recommend Sandra especially if you have anxiety or any other peri-menopausal symptoms.


I'm amazed at how hypnotherapy worked so quickly in getting me to sleep better and happy I can still revert back to listening to the tape should I need to.  Sandra has a very calming voice and very knowledgeable about her profession."


" I had 6 sessions with Sandra for my fibromyalgia symptoms and have had amazing results.  During the sessions I could literally feel the pain chemicals shifting, and being replaced with pain killling chemicals.   The way hypnotherapy works is amazing and Sandra is brilliant at it, as well as being a lovely lady who made the experience comfortable and very worth while" Charley Quinlan, Founder of  Fibromyalgia Warriors facebook group

"I wish I could have had hypnotherapy years  ago!  It was truly what I needed.    Sandra was able to help me with my chronic OCD which I had  battled with for over 20 years - Sandra is amazing!   I feel so much better and feel like a weight has been lifted " ES, Bristol


"I found Sandra a very nice and friendly person, helping me to relax and explaining everything really well.  I found my attitudes to my problems changing and becoming more positive.  I would definitely recommend her." RA

"Sandra has a calmness about her, and gently guides you into a relaxed frame of mind.   Our sessions helped me to better understand my brain's unhelpful patterns and I developed new ways of responding" KS

"Sandra a gifted therapist with a truly refreshing manner, I really appreciated being treated by someone robustly human and grounded, yet scientifically and spiritually empowered.  I have real trouble trusting people and she put me at ease very quickly.  Once my sessions had finished, i found i had internalised personal resources which were meaningful and effective as a result of my work with Sandra.  I am very grateful" AW

"I I found my sessions very beneficial.  Sandra is easy to talk to and the combination of hypnosis and talking has been very helpful." BE

"I cannot recommend Sandra enough, she is amazing, she puts you at ease from the moment you meet her, i was a nervous wreck about travelling to my daughter's graduation and thanks to her skill and patience, I got the courage to go.  I cannot thank her enough" SBR

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