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Specialist in OCD, Anxiety and Phobias

My name is Sandra Wilson and I am a solution-focused Clinical Hypnotherapist, based in Bristol.  I work face to face and online.  If you are visiting my site, chances are you, or a loved one, are not feeling your best and you need some help to feel better.   Perhaps you are feeling especially anxious about Coronavirus and what your life might be like as we move out of lockdown.    Society is going through profound change to protect our best interests at the moment but not everyone is finding this easy.


 I want to warmly welcome you and invite you to take a closer look at how I might be able to help you.   Maybe you are in emotional pain, feeling anxious, afraid or trapped.  Maybe you are struggling with unwanted thoughts, compulsions or phobias.  Perhaps you want to make changes but lack confidence, or any belief that change is possible.   If this is true, you are not alone.   My video, below, explains more about what hypnotherapy is, and how it could help you.   Just get in touch, it is a simple step on the road to feeling better.




Contacting me is very easy - if you are on a mobile simply click on the phone, email or chat link on the strip below.   On a desktop please click on let's chat icon below or call me on 07734328834.   If you subscribe to my mailing list, you will be able to book a FREE  60 minute initial consultation and I will send you a FREE relaxation recording, and a monthly email offering news, free tips and suggestions.   

The picture is of me and my dog, Raffety, in Cornwall last year.  She is my inspiration: she lives in the moment for the moment!

How can Hypnotherapy help me?




Our happiness and well-being can sometimes be hijacked by our brain's primitive "fight or flight process which, ironically, is designed to keep us alive. This takes place below the level of conscious awareness.  We may feel anxious, depressed and angry.  Our primitive ancestors relied on these emotional states to help them survive but somehow the brain has not updated these processes in over 2 million years.   The primitive brain is pretty much the same as it was in cave-dwelling days - which is why it can cause havoc in the modern world!  Typical symptoms include compulsive behaviours, hyper-vigilance and catastrophic thinking.


If you have suffered trauma in your life that has left you with unpleasant PTSD type symptoms, it means that your memory is stuck in your "primitive" brain.  I will NOT make you relive your trauma as this is not helpful.   Hypnotherapy can help you relax and learn techniques to calm your anxious mind.  Many people find that deep relaxation is enough to help them cope, but if you need more, there is a special and simple technique that I use to help you process your traumatic memory.  A very similar technique can be used to help you manage a phobia.  It can help with all different types of phobia ranging from non-complex (such as heights, spiders, flying etc) or more complex ones including social anxiety and agoraphobia.   


The menopause can be a challenging life change for so many women.  It can cause unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms including hot flushes, hair loss, incontinence, loss of libido, insomnia and anxiety to name but a few.  Women can experience a loss of self confidence and self esteem at this time of life.  Hypnotherapy can work on two levels : it can help you to relax and it can help you to improve your sense of self-worth.    There has been some promising scientific research into the impact of hypnosis on hot flushes in recent years and the benefits of a calm and relaxed mind can help with the psychological effects too.  Please note I run a FREE facebook group called Sandra's Sunday Chillzone which is aimed at women experiencing symptoms and helping them to relax.  Just click on the Facebook icon on my homepage or below if you are using a mobile.   Search for the group and request an invite.


Insomnia has many causes, some physical, some environmental and some psychological.  Trouble sleeping should always be evaluated by a medical professional but for the type that is caused by anxiety, hypnotherapy can be helpful.   When we worry, we release a whole heap of "nasties" into our systems - hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.  These are released when the 'fight or flight' mechanism is triggered, to help us run from danger.  It is unsurprising, then, that we cannot sleep when we are stressed or worried.  We may have worries on our minds, and we may be even more worried when we are unable to sleep, which creates a frustrating "snowball" effect.  Hypnotherapy can help you relax and create goals that lead to better sleep habits, as well as challenge unhelpful thinking around sleep.


Low self esteem is a very common problem and stems from negative perceptions and beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of.  You might find that you compare yourself to others, especially on social media.  Thinking well of yourself is not arrogance.   If you can change the way you think of yourself, and become your own best friend instead of your own worst critic, you can change your life.  Hypnotherapy can help you identify unhelpful thinking about yourself, help you to accept who you are, and help you to recognise where you might want to make positive changes.  You can learn to assert yourself more confidently, trust in your judgement to make the right decisions and overcome the negative beliefs that might be holding you back, whether this relates to your career, education or personal relationships.


Addictions and habits take root in the primitive regions of the brain, often as a result of our naturally-occuring "reward" neurotransmitters. We train ourselves (unwittingly) that in order to survive, we must continue with the habit/behaviour.   A template is formed, which is lodged in the subconscious mind.  A template can be overwritten with new healthier behaviours which stimulate the same chemicals.  It is a simple process but takes practice and perseverance.  Hypnotherapy can be helpful for many types of addiction including tobacco, drugs and alcohol, gambling and food.


Our relationship with food can be complex.  Food nourishes us both physically and emotionally; it is the latter that can cause issues. Comfort eating is a common response to stress and other difficult emotions.   The brain's "reward" chemicals are stimulated and released when we consume certain foods, especially sugary ones.  We learn that in order to survive, we need to comfort eat.  This takes place below the conscious level of awareness. We simply recognise that we feel better but soon after we berate ourselves for doing so, and this undermines our self-esteem.  Hypnotherapy can help you increase your tolerance of difficult emotions and create healthier eating habits.



Many people are surprised to learn how helpful hypnotherapy can be for chronic pain and other chronic conditions.  Pain is felt in the body but originates in the brain, and is transmitted through a complex system of neural pathways, a bit like an old-fashioned telephone switchboard.  Hypnotherapy can help sufferers feel better simply by learning to relax during the trance process, but they can learn techniques to stimulate helpful neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.  These can override pain messages.

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