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3 ways to help your child/teen stop pulling their hair out!

Have you noticed your child/teen pulling out their hair? Maybe they pull out their eyelashes and eyebrows, or perhaps the hair from their head. If you have noticed them doing it regularly even though you asked them not to, it might be because they are finding it hard to stop. The condition is called "trichotillomania", and is considered to be under the "OCD" umbrella. In short, it is a coping mechanism that can provide temporary relief to everyday stress or anxiety.

Your child may be struggling and possibly trying to hide this from you because they don't want to worry or upset you. Hair-pulling does not have to grow into a permanent problem and there IS something that can be done to help them stop. Want to know how to stop your child pulling out their hair? Here are 3 ways you can connect with your child and find out what is actually bothering them, giving you a chance to find out what's driving the hair-pulling:

  1. Give them your undivided attention and listen. I mean REALLY listen, not just have a quick catch up whilst you have half an eye on the dinner, or interrupt them with your own points of view.

  2. Don't make the pulling into a huge big deal. If you notice them doing it, gently refocus their attention onto something else - for example, a suggestion to do a fun activity, watch a TV show or go for a walk.

  3. Always make a point of praising them for things they have done well, thank them for helping you, or saying well done if they finish their homework, or make you a cup of tea. Everyone loves to be thanked!

I hope these small tips can help your child feel heard, understood and supported on a daily basis. If you notice they are still pulling, you might need to seek professional help.

I offer a gentle and positive style of therapy called solution-focused hypnotherapy. This approach can help your child/teen focus on the positives in their lives, help them feel stronger, and choose more helpful alternatives. Don't continue to struggle! Just call me for more information and to book a consultation.

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