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Could your self esteem be better?

Updated: May 31

When you hear the words "low self esteem", what do you think of? Does it indicate that you don't like yourself or some aspect of yourself very much? Does it mean you think others don't like you? Perhaps you feel that you are less important than others in your life so you put your own needs last.

It can mean all of these things but it doesn't always show up in ways we instantly recognise. If any of the following ring true for you, it might mean you suffer with low self esteem and you may want to start addressing this disempowering feeling if it is affecting your experience of life. Could your self esteem be better?

* I believe other people are judging me or laughing at me

* I don't like to go out just in case the above happens

* I constantly compare myself negatively to others

* I don't believe I deserve success/happiness

* I allow myself to be treated badly by others, I rarely stand up for myself

* I often feel guilty for saying "No"

* I say "sorry" a lot, even when it is not necessary

* I rarely, if ever, treat myself as I don't see the point

* I talk myself out of pursuing my dreams or ambitions because I will fail

* I don't socialise in case others think I am boring

* I don't like to go out as I feel ugly/fat/unattractive

* I put up with bad relationships so I won't have to be alone

* I sabotage relationships by my insecure, jealous or angry behaviour

* I have hurt others by my attempts to control them

* I feel desperate panic at the thought of my partner leaving me

* I feel really anxious a lot of the time because I know my life is passing me by but I feel stuck

and powerless

Please think about getting professional help if even a few of these things are true for you. Hypnotherapy can help you address your unhelpful beliefs and turn your life around. It is easy to hop onto my homepage and book your FREE consultation. Sandra

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