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Can hypnotherapy work for anxiety?

Updated: 6 days ago

Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective treatment for all different types of anxiety. I have seen so many clients find that they are able to relax more deeply than they have ever relaxed before! That is because hypnosis helps to "calm" the internal fight or flight response - the automatic brain function that helps you run from sabre tooth tigers! It enables you to communicate with this deep subconscious part of the mind, as it it were a scared little child. Often, this is exactly what anxiety is! Anxiety serves a purpose, to keep us safe. But in some people, it over-reacts and perceives things that are not really dangerous to be huge threats (for example, being asked to speak in front of a large group of people!). Hypnotherapy is incredibly empowering. I always encourage my clients to think very deeply about the solution to their problems in hypnosis. More often than not, my clients come up with wonderfully creative suggestions which never really occurred to them before. New or hidden strengths are revealed. New ways of coping. This all leads to the part of the brain responsible for survival to "trust" you more! Anxiety will still be there if really needed but not to the point it prevents you from living the life you want. Contact me for more information about how I could help YOU! Sandra

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