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Can hypnotherapy help with low self esteem?

Updated: May 30

Many of us have a nagging feeling that we are not as good as other people. We often learn this as children, especially if we are judged against others' performance on the school playing field or classroom. I remember the days of being picked last to join the Netball team at school - being a small person and not very good at getting balls into a net, not even my best friend would pick me! This stuff sticks. I was not good at maths, so spent a lot of time just chatting and being a nuisance in my maths classes. I recall my Dad being very judgemental about my lack of talent in this department because he was brilliant at it and thought that any offspring of his should be the same! So, I grew up feeling not good enough even though nobody had ever told me this explicitly. Maybe you have felt the same - it is a VERY common problem. We may feel pressure to perform to a certain standard, look a certain way or have a certain number of friends. Social media has driven a very frustrating pandemic - comparanoia! Who remembers the saying "keeping up with the Joneses"? This meant that we felt pressure to have the same car, holidays, soft furnishings or whatever as our immediate neighbours. Now, we have everyone on social media to compare ourselves to! What we don't realise is that everyone on Social Media is putting their best selves forward. Nobody is going to post photos of their lonely nights in, or their arguments with partners or their children who've just been suspended from school for getting into a fight. I like to work with low self worth because I understand it well and it was from this understanding that I took steps to get over it. I had fed myself plenty of unhelpful messages all throughout my life that I was not good enough but I WAS. I was good at English, at hockey, I was a nice kid with a good sense of humour. Now, I believe that I am a good friend, a keen learner, and I LOVE helping others. Don't let low self esteem rob you of your right to live life fully. Can hypnotherapy help you with low self esteem? Get in touch for a friendly chat.

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