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Mid life matters....

Some people I work with are in this age bracket. It is normal to feel a sense of being "sandwiched" in between the demands of both younger and older family members. Women in particular are often expected to look after older children or teens, as well as caring for their older parents. Then, on top of all that, the menopause rears it's head. To say mid life is a challenge would be an understatement for many! I view mid life as being an incredibly positive phase for a number of different reasons. First of all, you can look back over the last 40-50 years or so and feel pride in the way you have utilised your many coping skills. Do you doubt this? Well if you are sitting here reading this now, it means you HAVE coped. If you have coped in the past, it means you will cope in the future. You are stronger than you think you are. Secondly, you feel more comfortable in your skin. I struggled with low self esteem about myself - my face, my body, my personality - in my 20s and 30s. Now, I can just accept that I am not perfect and I simply don't care! I love and appreciate who I am, warts and all. Thirdly, you can get away with being brutally honest in your communications with others. People pleasing and needing everyone to like us is usually something that younger people are lumbered with but as we grow, we accept that not everyone will like us, and that is okay. This can help us to say no if we want to, stop saying sorry when it is not necessary, and giving our honest opinion instead of wanting to lie about how we truly feel. This is not to say you will deliberately want to hurt people - it is more about being authentic, and finding your true voice. Honesty can be delivered kindness. If you are NOT finding midlife to be the empowering joyful experience it shoud be - in spite of all your challenges - do get in touch. I would love to help you :))) If you subscribe to my site, you will get a free 20 minute consultation and a free guided relaxation.

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