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Overthinking? Here's how to manage it....

What's the difference between rational thinking and overthinking? Some people believe that the more you turn a problem over in your mind, repeatedly, the more readily a solution will appear. Unfortunately this is rarely the case, and the solution will be more likely to pop up unexpectedly when you've stopped thinking about it!

It is one of the frustrating features of our pesky primitive brains...designed to keep us alive but not to find answers to complex problems. Here are some tips to help you move from primitive to higher consciousness 😍

💙 Breathe deeply and consciously 🧡 practice watching feverish thoughts drift away like clouds 💛 say STOP and focus on something else...the cat, your book, cut your toenails, sing a song...anything!! 💚 ask if your thought is rooted in past or future. If so... and it probably is....bring yourself into the present moment 💙 picture a pond with all the sediment churned up. Can you see the bottom? Watch it settle and become clear. Your answer is at the bottom. Have a fabulous week ahead 😀

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