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Menopause madness

Since I started heading in this direction myself, I have developed a keen interest in helping women who are struggling with this frustrating but normal life phase. It comes with such joyful symptoms - anxiety, insomnia, low mood, anger outbursts, hair loss, low self esteem - the list is endless! However, I do truly believe that you will have a worse time with your symptoms if you believe you can't cope. My insomnia was certainly meno-related and compounded by anxiety. I did not think I would ever get over it, creating a sense of panic and overwhelm. I felt my life would never be the same again. I tried hypnotherapy and it transformed my life! It was the springboard for me to make a lot of positive change, accept the parts of myself I could not change (being a female of a certain age with symptoms that were mostly beyond my control but NOT all...), and empower myself with more positive self talk. Very soon I am going to be launching a new offer aimed at helping ladies going through menopause. Watch this space.....

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