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Male Anger - why is it so scary?

I've been working recently with male anger, and getting some good results. Male anger can cause havoc with relationships and careers, with society being very quick to judge any man who has no control over this often destructive emotion. However, anger also seems to be a more socially acceptable expression of emotion in men (fitting in with the role of protector) but when it is out of control, it can have disastrous consequences. Anger is very closely linked to other key emotional states that are sometimes termed "primitive opt-out clauses" : namely, depression and anxiety. It's a defence mechanism, a hangover from the days when we lived in caves and had to protect ourselves and our families against wild animals and competing tribes. It originates in a part of the brain that hasn't changed in over 2 million years - maybe evolution hasn't phased it out because we never know what is round the corner! Anger usually becomes unmanageable when the person feels under attack or in immense emotional pain. Getting to the root of emotional pain can provide a way forward, and building up tolerance toward difficult emotions can can also be helpful. Many men don't feel comfortable talking about their feelings, or perhaps feel that expressing emotion makes them look weak. Hypnotherapy can be effective at putting you in touch with your emotions and having the confidence to say how you feel. It's complex but anger can be managed and overcome, improving relationships and personal well-

being. You don't have to suffer.

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