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Make midlife matter...

I wanted to share a story about a woman who found herself in the midst of an "existential crisis" at age 50. Let's call her Phillipa. Her experience is one that I am sure many women in mid-life can identify with.

She felt like an imposter, a ghost in her own life. Almost invisible. All the colour had been sucked out and she didn't know why. On the outside she appeared to be happy and successful - like a gliding swan with legs paddling furiously below the surface. Nobody knew how lost and empty she felt because she didn't feel able to explain it to herself, never mind anyone else.

If I had asked Phillipa what had triggered her to finally seek help, she would have said the tortuous sleepless nights where she experienced genuine terror about her future. The fear of losing her job or her partner because the cracks were starting to show. The fear of being abandoned, growing old or being unloved. Mid-life anxiety is very common. Women just like Phillipa are navigating the choppy waters of change - hormonal fluctuation, our changing bodies, the loss of youth and our childbearing years. All of this combined with the perceived stigma of menopause and lack of outlet to express exactly how we feel, why we are feeling it and what we actually want! Mid life is also a time of profound change in other ways - nests emptying, parents growing older and careers becoming stagnant. I was once a bit like Phillipa but I stopped putting up with it. Now, I'm on a mission to help women to feel, believe and act like they matter in a world where it's easy to feel overwhelmed, undervalued and taken for granted. Whether it's fear, lack of confidence or low self esteem holding you back, you CAN make changes for the better. It IS possible to feel joy, liberation and vitality as you move into your middle years. You have amazing inner resources that can help you to overcome challenges and visualise a future that you can look forward to. In the meantime, do speak to your loved ones - they might understand how you are feeling more than you think. Tell your manager if you are struggling at work or a trusted colleague. Tell people what YOU want and learn to say NO, very loudly! If you think I could help you, just get in touch. I completely understand how you are feeling 💙 #menopausematters #midlifehealth #womensupportingwomen

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