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Every day is a new beginning.....

Hi, my name is Sandra and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I wonder how many of you have made New Year resolutions for 2020? And I also wonder how many of these resolutions will be broken by January 31st - if we even make it this far? Many of us set huge unrealistic goals that are too vague, with no outcome within touching distance - such as "I want to see more people/get out more, get fitter, lose 5 stone, eat more healthily, stop drinking" etc. It is hard to stick to goals like this and our confidence can be undermined when we "fail". Take each day as a new beginning.....regardless of what happened the day before! Make your goals smaller and more specific, such as "today I am going to visit a friend/arrange a date night/spend 3 mins in the gym/go for a walk/each 5 portions of fruit".

Build your confidence by taking small achievable steps and soon your new changes will become habitual.

Happy New Year!

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