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"I wake up every night convinced I am dying" - can hypnotherapy help with panic attacks?

Updated: May 30

This is what a new client recently told me. She was in her early 40s and had been experiencing severe anxiety with panic attacks for about 6 months. As a midlife woman, it's easy to feel under so much pressure. Who out there is "doing it all" but not feeling good about it? Maybe you were told you COULD "have it all" - but so many women find they are working, pursuing careers but still look after the home, the family, the pets, the extended family and find there's no time for themselves - enter burnout and complete exhaustion. Not to mention the impact on your relationship(s).

Is this you? The impact of "doing it all" can lead to all kinds of unpleasant symptoms - the feeling of drowning in panic every night was just my lovely client's body and mind telling her she had to DO something about it. So, can hypnotherapy help with panic attacks? Hypnotherapy with me will give you a calm clarity, enabling you to focus on priorities. Do you REALLY have to do it all? There are a lot of beliefs that can be unpicked, such as "I need to be nice" or "I feel guilty if I am not helpful" or "I feel like a failure if I am not coping". These beliefs run in our subconscious minds like a powerful invisible force. The truth is they CAN change, and your life CAN be different. Don't let yourself down anymore. You are important and you deserve to rest, be happy and find peace.

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