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Bring it on!!

So, here we are, in our second month of lockdown.   Maybe you are now accustomed to our strange new reality, in spite of its unsettling terms and conditions.   As we look at other countries, we can see that some of them are gradually starting to lift restrictions.   We know that this will be the case here, in the not-too-distant future.

I hope that you are able to sense the possibility of hope, even if it is a glimmer on the horizon.  When the first rays of dawn appear, they gradually build into a brilliant yellow sun that rises with so many possibilities for the new day ahead....well at least some of the time!

Are you ready to start making plans?   What will you do when normality returns?  Are there any positives from being in lockdown?  Did you learn anything new?  About yourself?  About the world?  Will you make changes to the way you live your life?

These are questions I have pondered on a lot recently.   I hope you don't mind if I share some of my musings with you - maybe you will agree with some of them or they will set a train of thought in motion for you...

- The first thing I will do is visit my mum in the Wiltshire countryside, where she's been cheerfully self-isolating, and give her a big hug, and take her out for tea somewhere.

- I'll go to pub quizzes more often as I have discovered how much I enjoy the online versions!

- I will spend more time on the things I enjoy, and learn not to feel guilty when I relax

- I watched the whole 3 seasons of comedy The Detectorists, about two hapless nerdy metal detectors, and found it charming, funny and comforting.  It also triggered a desire to explore more of our wonderful countryside - so I might very well join the Ramblers and learn more about our ancient history.

- I learned that I am far more resilient than I ever believed I was

- I am able to deliver a therapy service online to good effect but I'm looking forward to meeting existing and new clients face to face, so I can read their body language and pick up on the subtleties of human expression.

We are such a gifted, complex and sophisticated species and we are nowhere near the peak of our superpowers - I do believe we can learn lessons from this challenging experience and use it as a catalyst to live happier, more productive lives that benefit us, our loved ones and the planet.

Happy May!

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