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Awareness equals power

How consciously do you live your life? Do you reside in the present moment with full awareness of your life as it is right now? Or do you constantly time travel backwards and forwards, ruminating and catastrophising? For many people with chronic anxiety, it's the latter. And not only that - they undermine their confidence by telling themselves that they "should" be a certain way. They "should" have done this or that. If only they were more "pretty/clever/rich/thin/whatever" then they would be successful in life. The brain is very annoying at times, when it's given free rein to run out of control. Enter consciousness - and the mindful ability to recognise and accept the way things are RIGHT NOW. You have no control over the past. You have little real control over the future because the unexpected is uncontrollable. So - what is left? The NOW - and it's a powerful place to be. By residing in the now, you can control more, you have more choice, and you can teach your body to relax. Over time, this will benefit you enormously! Why not start right now?! What can you do right now that will help you to feel better? Here's a short meditation to help get you started if you are not familiar with mindfulness :)))

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